Detailed Stats, Detailed Geo and Time based login Reporting & Weekly Reports


Install GAT Core or GAT +Email and after your 14 day trial ends your GAT License reverts to GAT Stats for free.


Stats & Weekly Reports

Drive, Sites, Users, Groups, Orgs, Google+, Printers, Devices, Mobile Apps, Apps Auditing, Analyses and Security Enforcement


Charities/Not for Profits without Edu license pay 20%.

GAT + Email

Stats & Weekly Reports GAT Core

Email Auditing, Behaviour Analyses + Business Intelligence (Beta)


Charities/Not for Profits without Edu license pay 20%.

GAT Unlock

Securely change ownership or access rights to any google drive for work file or file selection. Silently copy and Drive for work file. Silently read any Google Apps for Work email. Requires Security check and security officer +$verification charge

Requires GAT Core or GAT+Email

$1.00user/year (From March 1st)

Charge applies to ALL domains.

GAT Lets Collaborate for Work

Realtime Business Intelligence for power users on your domain. The power of Google, the insight of GAT. Increase collaboration and productivity. The ideal collaboration tool for Google for Work, this will save knowledge workers and managers time and money.

This short video explains how it works.

Requires GAT+EMAIL


GAT for Chrome

Visualize your Chrome experience.
GAT Stats for Chrome – the first ever in-chrome audit tool for the end user.
Deep, detailed analyses of your Chrome environment and how you use Chrome.

$0.00all users

GAT Shield for Chrome

Detailed edge security through chrome monitoring and reporting, with real time policy violation detection for PII and PCI, Inappropriate text, etc.


Requires GAT Core or GAT+Email

GAT for Dropbox

Just launched – Detailed audit, security and business intelligence analysis on your Dropbox for Business Team folders. Available for General Release soon – See product description for details.