DLP Security in the cloud environment.

So you think you have G Suite cloud security?

Maybe you need to think again.

Most third-party products offering DLP protection in G Suite have several limitations.

They cover only Drive ‘out’ shares. They are not real time, but instead, near real-time (a big limitation).

Google DLP is real time and it covers Drive ‘out’ and Email (both directions). But all of these solutions have a major limitation – they do not check for DLP in documents shared in!

If you think that is not important try this, go to a Gmail account and share in a blank spreadsheet or a blank document to your enterprise account.

From your enterprise account open the spreadsheet and copy and paste in all the financial details that are loaded with DLP triggers. In the blank document paste the company secret sauce formula.

Did anything trigger? Were you alerted to any data leak?

This is an open door for insider leaking, file phishing attacks and more.

This is the main reason why GAT Labs has taken a different approach to DLP, rather than try to catch every share, our Shield product watches for every document open.

That way it does not matter if the document is shared out or in, when the document is open, we read it for sensitive content which we can flag immediately. We can’t block the share, because the document is owned by another domain, but we can at least alert the Sys Admin, the Security Officer and the user to the danger.

We also watch in real-time for what the user types or copies and pastes. This extends the power of our DLP beyond just Google Docs and even beyond G Suite itself. We are watching every browser page, from Facebook to fake bank sites looking for sensitive content as it is typed.

In addition once we detect sensitive content, in most cases we can close the tab before the data is even submitted, meaning this content never leaves the user device or the organization environment.

With GAT Shield we move your DLP coverage from 10% to 90% For the most comprehensive G Suite security we recommend a mix of tools, including GAT+, Chrome only browsers and GAT Shield. Real smart – real-time.

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