Why GAT?

GAT+ is a deep investigation and analysis tool that is designed to report on user behavior in all G Suite areas, measure performance, give accurate measures of collaboration, identify user adoption, flag strange or unusual behavior, generate statistical analyses and record and report data for all time.

GAT is the only tool that is truly ‘enterprise class’ and we openly invite you to see for yourself by installing competitors tools and comparing.  We put security first and center, our competitors allow information ‘leak’ undetected. Calling something a security tool does not make it one. Auditing alone is not security, but you can’t have security without it.

From our complete audit, we add features like automatic permission changes and genuine real-time enforcement of rules, which no other tool can do.

Do you know How Google Protects your Data?

‘We tried all other tools, only GAT could report in the detail we needed’

– Roman Lalik, KPCS.

‘It’s a fantastic tool’

-Ned Dunn, Mind and Life.

Again, please give my thanks to your team.  They did a great job in getting this to work in such a short amount of time.

– Admin, Washington.

I really like working with you and your development team.  You are a class act in the Google world.  I cannot say that for some other Google related companies I have worked with.

– Admin, Iowa.

It’s a pleasure working with a company that can give some real auditing to G Suite! Many many thanks to the engineers for helping with this and for an amazing turn around time. Didn’t see that coming 🙂
–  Admin, San Francisco.

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Bad Word text search in GAT Please do not read further if you find bad language offensive. Admins can install GAT from here. Example of a bad language type search using GAT: The string below is the suggested opening search string…
Audit and Policy for Google Apps
Audit and Policy for Apps (Third Party)   With the General Audit Tool you can now audit and set policy for additional apps running in your Google Apps environment. GAT provides two different audit views for you.   The User…
audit all user data with GAT+
User API exposed to command line   Under ‘Users’ audit from the home page GAT has now enabled Admins to Search by all the data in the User API without having to write code. See here for a detailed description of the API…
two people auditing reports
Auditing for all Org Units and Restricting access to GAT   Applications in sub OU’s only have authority for some audit features and only over the users in that sub-OU. This is impacting GAT’s ability to report domain wide. GAT is often…
Audit Data Exportable from GAT+ Drive Audit
GAT+ supports three different export files from its Drive Audit utility. These export files can be saved on Google Drive as a spreadsheet or downloaded as a CSV file. The three export buttons are as follows: ‘Export to Spreadsheet’…
set alerts with GAT
The Google Drive may contain a shared folder or folder tree which occasionally has new files added or existing files changed. Using GAT it is possible for an Admin to set up a daily job which will report on the new or changed files to a list…