Why GAT?

GAT is the only tool that is truly ‘enterprise class’ and we openly invite you to see for yourself by installing competitors tools and comparing.

We put security first and center, our competitors allow information ‘leak’ undetected. Calling something a security tool does not make it one. Auditing alone is not security, but you can’t have security without it.

From our complete audit we add features like automatic permission changes and genuine real-time enforcement of rules, which no other tool can do.

Do you know How Google Protects your Data?

‘We tried all other tools, only GAT could report in the detail we needed’

– Roman Lalik, KPCS.

‘It’s a fantastic tool’

-Ned Dunn, Mind and Life.

Again, please give my thanks to your team.  They did a great job in getting this to work in such a short amount of time.

– Admin, Washington.

I really like working with you and your development team.  You are a class act in the Google world.  I cannot say that for some other Google related companies I have worked with.

– Admin, Iowa.

It’s a pleasure working with a company that can give some real auditing to G Suite! Many many thanks to the engineers for helping with this and for an amazing turn around time. Didn’t see that coming 🙂
–  Admin, San Francisco.

Thanks for taking the time to read our site.

 We know your time is valuable, here is a tool to show you exactly how you spend it.

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What’s new in GAT?

SSN detection alert GAT Shield
GAT Shield has updated it’s Social Security Number detection alert. If you had the old alert enabled, employ the new reg. ex. to be found in the ‘Template’ rules, or deploy the rule fresh from the template. The reg. ex. matches any valid…
Following the deployment of the Admin 'Click to View' feature for all Emails on the domain, GAT+ is now deploying 'Click to View' for all Google Docs. This should make Admins lives much easier.
View emails in safety. Not only do we show you the body content, we break out images that are links to let you examine the URLs, isolate attachments for you to download and give you a email full header analysis.
GAT+ 'Unlock' is delighted to introduce 'Click to View'. Search for any collection of emails, get permission from the Security Officer to view them and just click to view.
GAT Shield has 'soft released' delegated auditor functionality. Admins can now give audit access to to managers, teachers, security staff etc. Each delegated auditor can have a restricted view of a user list, a Google Group, a Classroom or an…
Devices missing? or you just need to be told when someone is on-line? GAT Shield has now added a 'Device Usage' alert. An Admin configures the rule with either the device serial number or the last known user, or both. If GAT+ detects either…