4 Great Scheduled Audits You Should Set in GAT

With GAT you can run many, many scheduled audits, some of these we have pre-tailored for you and you have nothing more to do than turn them on. In this tech tip, we are going to show you where to find 4 of them and how to turn them on if they are not already running.

1) Docs shared in or out in the last 24 hours.  

(Now on by default – original 6,000 domains should consider turning this audit on.)

From the Home page click on ‘Scheduled Reports’

Then choose the default ‘What’s Hot Reports’, click ‘New report’

Next select ‘Docs shared in or out in the last 24 hours’ and configure to your liking.

Of course we are always going the extra mile to think of the customers needs, so in fact we cover a 25 hour window to make sure nothing gets lost in the cracks. We also include every document ever shared in or out, ever, but that was changed in the last 24 hours. That is really critical for the safe monitoring of your environment.

2) Getting a daily failed or suspicious login report

Again go to scheduled reports but this time select the drop down list beside the New Report button and choose Login Events.

Once selected, click ‘New Report’ and fill in the fields to suit your own requirements.

I like this report everyday after midnight (Select as ‘Policy’ to eliminate reports saying ‘nothing happened’). Follow through in the morning by going to the audit report ‘Users’ and the ‘Security’ Tab. For suspicious logins, click on the ‘Last Login’ time or date of the user in question.

You will then be able to see the full history of logins and a map showing where they are coming from.

3) The Weekly Activity Report

This report is one you don’t have to do a thing for. We automatically enable it for all non-educational domains. It runs once a week, at weekends and gives you all the weekly report on major new activities for your domain. This report also generates much of the important data such as the collaboration pairings and the collaboration index for each user.

4) Daily ‘Sites Modified’ report

For this report, we want to receive daily notification of all the sites on our domain that changed in the last 24 hours. Again we can be very selective picking sites with certain owners or certain names, in the example above we are going for all sites. When we have made our selection we click on ‘Schedule’. 

We can then set the report criteria to what we wish.  Remember if we schedule for weekly reports, we should set the look back window to be a week, when we make our selection in the Sites audit.  GAT automatically takes care of moving the start date forward by the period of the audit.

Some other scheduled audits you might see/set

For those Admins who have decided to do App enforcement, you will see we start a daily automatic scheduled audit for third party apps.

This is run as an Audit meaning you get a report generated every night which lists the apps running on your domain.  You might decide to change this to a ‘Policy’, which means you will only be notified if there is a change (i.e. apps added or deleted).


For Admins who allow users to create or manage their own groups

It is possible to track these creations or changes on a daily basis.