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How to silently copy or view files

We are going to use a powerful search feature inside of GAT+ Drive audit to identify the contents of documents we’re going to investigate. This feature is called the ‘File content text search’. It allows admins/delegated auditor to use a word or sentence to search through all of the files across the domain and to […]


View Email Contents – How to silently copy or view emails [Old UI]

Use the ‘New Filter’, ‘Recent Filters’ or ‘Domain Gmail Search’ to select the email you require access to. When searching for a specific current email ‘Domain Gmail Search’ is the correct tab to use. This search tab is a live search tab and is able to look through all current emails in all folders (use […]


How to Use GAT Unlock for File Management

File Management – Changing ownership or file access rights GAT Unlock is tightly integrated with the powerful search and filter options available in GAT+. This means you only have to do things once. In this example we are going to find all the spreadsheets owned by the group ‘sales’ that are shared externally, then we […]


A Brief Overview of GAT+

GAT+ is a powerful audit and security tool for your G suite domain. This post will take you through a visual overview of some of GAT’s features within the Drive Audit. In the GAT+ dashboard, where you can audit all areas of your domain. We’ll be starting off a GAT+ Drive audit. [See this Drive […]