• GAT Philosophy


Our goal at GAT is to engineer ground breaking software and tools for the G Suite Environment, which increase security, protect, expand insight and greatly increase your return on investment.


At GAT we create multiple streams of real value by using and refining the rich audit information we gather while securing the G Suite environment. In achieving your goals to audit and protect, it turns out we can deliver you much, much more.


We will give you a view from the top that is new, insightful, beautiful, yet simple, powerful and intuitive. Audit is simply the means to our goals, come with us.


To create the future you must first imagine it. At GAT we re-imagine what is possible with G Suite. Often all the answers are there, GAT brings them to the surface. Thinking latterly we have created a whole new space. New technology. New thinking. New Insights.


At GAT we go beyond the ordinary, using our incredible imagination, brilliant customer insight and powerful new ideas to create a software tool that harnesses all the organisation’s knowledge to reduce production time, discover hidden relationships, increase customer acquisition, smooth the flow of corporate knowledge.


Real auditing, with real detail.
Real protection, with no compromise.
Data you can trust, data you can build on.

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