• Why GAT?

GAT is disruptive, compared with competitors, it delivers far more at a much lower price point. Simple questions can lead to powerful connections. ‘Who knows who?’, ‘Who knows what?’, ‘How strong is the relationship?’ Are old customer bonds fading?

Why choose GAT?

  • It is faster than competitors.
  • It is more comprehensive.
  • It is more secure.
  • It adheres to Google’s terms of usage, which should be important to management. (This means it will not allow the disclosure of management or HR document contents.)
  • It is more integrated with Google – See nearly 300 reasons why.
  • It offers far more Business Intelligence.

How is GAT so great?

There are 7 main standout reasons why GAT is already the leading choice by big users and the security sensitive.

1) Speed

GAT is much faster than its competitors. You might not think that is important, but as your domain grows and the number of documents start to soar speed becomes critical. If you have a tool where it takes 72 hours to complete an audit, you are seeing what your data looked like 3 days ago, far too old for security purposes. Speed also speaks as to the quality of the underlying code.

2) Detail

We have more reports types, more detailed reports and more real information when compared to our competitor’s. From the very beginning, GAT has focused on offering you the most comprehensive reports from the information we gathered from your environment. We show you not just the information we gather, but also the information we can infer from all the intelligence we extract. That is why for the past year we have been able to show you details like the most read document, or the level of collaboration inside your organisation. This is real detail. Some security tools in the marketplace can’t even tell you who read a file.

3) Accuracy

Not only do we scan for every login, but we track changes and details from scan to scan very carefully, giving us what we believe are the most accurate reports on the data and users in your domain. Don’t take our word for it, try a competing tool for a month side by side with ours and watch their figures drift.

4) Security

We have the strictest security model. From the very beginning, we have made it clear we felt only Google could do security enforcement on documents at document level, we are heartened to see our competitors back down in their original claims in this area as they come to realise the reality of our position.

Like other tools we allow Admins to remove access to documents they are concerned about and like other tools, it is ‘after the fact’, so we don’t consider that ‘enforcement’ or ‘loss prevention’. We allow domain wide full-text search, not by bringing your data out, but by passing the search parameters into Google. (We think Google do a pretty good job at search)

What about our own security? we have outlined our security model fully and comprehensively here, we believe it is currently the highest standard in the marketplace and invite our competitors to openly publish a better model. We are also the international equivalent of SSAE 16 certified as we are ISAE 3402 certified.

5) Breadth

GAT performs the widest range of audits, letting you run limitless numbers of self-tailored audits. We can treat groups like groups, not just a single address when you search for documents used by sales@yourdomain, it shows you the documents used by members of that group. The same for Organizational Units. When you look up a document you can see not just the edit history, but also the visitor history. We can tell you the most opened document in a group. We can show what’s trending in any part of your domain. These and many more reports can all be turned into scheduled audits, run whenever you want, covering any period you want.

6) Proven scale

Run on a domain with 390,000 users and another with 50+ million documents. Part of the reason GAT is reduced cost to colleges is that we want to see all use cases, not just for a week on a free trial with 10 users and 100 docs, but on large domains over months and months. Colleges are by far Google’s largest domains today. We think this policy let us scale to any enterprise size by giving us real life experience on huge domains, without price being a stopping point.

7) It works

It is the Only Audit or Security Tool that can catch all potential file based data loss using Google share.


We are the only tool that is truly ‘enterprise class’ and we openly invite you to see for yourself by installing competitors tools and comparing.

We put security first and centre, our competitors allow information ‘leak’ undetected.

We think calling something a security tool does not make it one. Auditing is not security, but you can’t have security without it.

Finally, if you can do good audits, not only do you enhance your security but you have many benefits from being able to understand what is going on on your domain. We are taking audit to a new level because we will remain focused on what we are good at. With GAT you know more. We will give you ‘the big picture’.

We want every domain to know the power of GAT so even if you have another security or audit tool installed we invite you to install GAT, schedule daily audits and see for yourself the rich features of our tool. We have special swap-out programs for domains leaving Cloudlock or other audit tools.


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