change access rights with GAT

Access Scope of Delegated Auditors

Education, business and enterprise domains usually have a few G Suite super admin roles within their organization. For security reasons, they may want to delegate responsibilities to other users to have super admin like privileges within GAT+ or GAT Shield without having G Suite super admin roles. This is why its critical for them to have a feature called Delegated Auditors that allows them to distribute responsibilities to normal users while securing the number of users who have access to the G Suite Admin Console.

Delegated Auditor has very similar scopes comparable to super admin within GAT+.

They have full access to all of the Auditing areas.

In the Auditing Areas, they can utilize all of the features of GAT Unlock of course with Security Officer approval.

  • They can modify permissions/download files/view file content.
  • They can download emails, view emails and remove emails from users Gmail accounts.
  • They can set up email delegation to give one user direct delegation into another user’s Gmail account.

In Drive Audit they can’t use the Remove Permissions functionality yet. We will let you know when this feature is available to them as well.

Currently, Delegated Auditors will only have access to the Configuration section able to acess Alarms and Off/On Boarding(Testing) and if they are also Security officer.

Future Improvements: In the coming weeks, we will be releasing features that give Super Admins more controls over the scopes of delegated auditors. Super Admins will have the option to switch on certain areas of Configuration section, it will be up to the super admin’s own discretion.

You can read more about G Suite Audit delegation here.