Activity Reporting – Permission Change Reporting

Activity/Permission Change/Deletion Reporting

GAT supports the ability, on a file by file basis, to report who changed access permissions and when they changed them.

Permission Changes

From the Drive Audit table, using the search and filters available to you, find the file you are interested in.

Under the ‘Metadata Changed’ column you will now find a new link called ‘Activity’. Clicking on the Activity link now shows not only the ‘Edit’ and ‘View’ history of the file but also the permission changes.

This is ideal for identifying who shared out or changed the editing rights on a file. (Note, Where Google has the users image on file we retrieve it.)


In addition, if you return to the top of the drive audit you will find a link to all ‘Deleted’ files.

As highlighted elsewhere in the documentation this is a listing of all files that GAT knew about that have now been removed from trash and permanently deleted from the Google Drive environment. Where possible GAT has recorded the actions of the person who performed the ‘delete’ or ‘empty trash’.

GAT can not report on any deleted file that was deleted BEFORE GAT was installed.



Before using this feature please ensure you have granted the extra permissions required by GAT.


From the Google Apps Admin Console …