Apply a Search Filter in Google Drive Audit

Searching for files of a user/editor/reader etc

In GAT’s Google Drive audit, we provide an array of search parameters to filter by. Making it the most useful feature on in this section. You can quickly find files and take action on them or to export this data for archiving purposes.


Click on the funnel icon also known as ‘Custom apply filter’ button.

In the menu which appears the default type is set to Simple Filter.

Select Owner parameter equal to UserX’s email address. If you wish not to enter the entire email address then change equal to contains (case insensitive).


Other Search parameters are as follows:

  • Organizer – This is related to Team Drive roles, Organizers roles allow users to permanently remove content and modify Team Drive name and membership.
  • User – This search parameter returns files which can be edited, read or are owned by UserX
  • Editors – This search parameter will return files which can be edited by UserX
  • Readers – This search parameter will return files which can be viewed or read by UserX

Long Search

If you wish to find files owned or related (editors, readers, organizers) with a Google Group or a user OU structure this is achieved using the Long Search.

For example, if I want to find all of the files owned by members of Sales Group ( I can enter the following info into the fields provided.

Note: If the option Owned is not checked, the search will return files which the members of Sales Group can own, edit, or read. All 3 states will be covered.


Once you request the search, it will take a few seconds for the search to complete, the load speed depends on a number of factors mainly the number of files which need to be indexed. Click on the reload button to update the UI and to see if the search is completed.

If the search is complete, select it and apply it.

Once the search is applied you will see all of the files owned by the group you have selected in the Drive result table.


Remember you can build on top of this search. For example, if I now wanted to narrow down my search for PDF files owned by Sales Group, I can click on the ‘Apply custom filter’ button.

Then I can add a new rule, for Mimetype equals application/pdf

Of course, you can also apply other search operators to make the search even more narrow and specific.


Note: Do not remove the Long Search ID which is shown, this is a reference to the long search you carried out in the previous steps.