Audit ALL User Data with GAT

User API exposed to command line


Under ‘Users’ audit from the home page



GAT has now enabled Admins to Search by all the data in the User API without having to write code.


See here for a detailed description of the API from Google.


Possible uses include returning class students by class number or teacher, returning staff by manager or report, or users by address.


To try it yourself, use some of these examples from the Google API description page.




All queries use the users.list method, which has an HTTP request similar to the following


Search for a user by name:


name=‘Jane Smith’


Note: The name query field tests on the concatenated value of givenName and familyName. A query for name=’Jane’ returns no results for a user with givenName=’Jane’ and familyName=’Smith’.


Search for users with a givenName OR familyName that contains a value  




Search for users matching an email prefix


Search for all super administrators


Search for users with orgTitles containing Manager


Search for users with a common manager in their reporting chain


Search for users with the same direct manager


Search for users in a given country


Search for users in a specific organization

orgName=‘Human Resources’

Search for managers in a specific organization

orgName=Engineering orgTitle:Manager

Search custom user attributes


Note: The following examples assume a user schema named EmploymentData with the fields projects, location and job Level.


Search for all employees that work on a specific project


Search for all employees in a specific location


Search for all employees above job level 7


Search for all employees with job levels that are >= 5 and < 8



Note that using this range syntax (:[min,max]) is subtly different from simply ‘anding’ a “>=min” and “12 schema.field<15” (since there is at least one value matching each clause) but not the following query: “schema.field:[12,15]” (since there is no one value in this range).