How to Audit a Folder with GAT

To build a daily report for all files changed in a certain folder we have to combine two filters and then schedule the resulting search to run nightly.

First, we find all the files changed from today’s date. Note ‘changed’ is important, this will cover both new and edited files. (See above.)

This search is automatically saved in ‘Recent Filters’

Next, we search for the folder we are interested in.

Under General Search for Document name, type the name of the folder and click ‘Search Documents’.

This will return a list of all files and folders with that name.

Next click on the arrow behind the folder name in the results table.

This will show all the files in that folder and more importantly create the search chip for the folder (See screenshot below)

Next, we clear the filter and got to the ‘Recent Filters’ tab.

From here we select the two search chips we need to combine

Docs in folder [folder:0BxYQwydTtZZSUEZhMjJYNXltMm8] not deleted (104)


Docs not deleted changed from 15/10/2014 23:00:00 (53)

Having selected the two filters we combine them with ‘And’ and click on ‘Show’

GAT's recent folders tab

This combined search will return the results of files changed for today in that folder. (Tip: You can add more folders at this stage!)

Our next task is to schedule this report to run every night.

We have a choice of two types of Scheduled job, one to report on the docs created or edited, the other to report on the visits to the document.

In this case, because we selected ‘changed’ files we are going to report on the files created or edited.

Select ‘Schedule/Save’

This will take us through to the scheduler.

Here we can make a number of choices.

We select the report type to be ‘Policy’ – this means we will only get a report when a change happens (Audit will report every night, even if nothing happens).

We ask for the report in PDF

We ask for it to run every day after midnight

If someone apart from the Admin wants a copy of the report, we add their names here (comma separated).

Finally, we enable the job.

The first report, if any files were created or edited today in that folder, will come after midnight.