Audit Google Classroom with GAT+

Google Classroom is a very powerful framework for enabling teacher and student interaction on a Google Apps domain. Many education domains are deploying Classroom. If you are one of these domains GAT now allows Admins to audit Google Classrooms.

This functionality is only available for GAT+. If you installed GAT+ before May 19, 2016 then you will have to grant GAT+ additional access rights in the admin console following this guide.

To enable the audit feature in GAT you need to ensure the following setting is enabled


In the Google Apps Admin console, select ‘Apps’, ‘Google Apps’ and then’ Classroom’. 

audit Google Classroom with GAT+

Under ‘Data access’ in ‘Classroom’ ensure that the checkbox for ‘Classroom API’ is ticked.

Next, ensure GAT+ has the extra access rights it requires. See here for how to confirm this.

GAT+ will now need some time to complete the scan. After the scan is finished (depending on your domain size this may take several hours), click on the ‘Refresh Data’ button in the Classroom audit to see the full list of classes.

scan Google Classroom data using General Audit Tool (GAT+)

This can include all the classes a student is a member of, to all a list of all the classes given by a certain teacher, to all classes containing a certain ‘Title’ (ex. Math).

There are additional filters including search by OU and for Active and Archived classes.


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