Audit Google Team Drives Users and Activity with GAT+

Applying a search for Team Drive files

Use the exposure summary table in Drive Audit to quickly display all of the files within your Team Drive for all of your domain users.

In the above example, our domain has a total of 6186 Team Drive files. Once you click on exposure summary table for Team Drive files a filter will be automatically applied with the following search parameter selected.

Don’t hesitate to build on top of this filter search. Let’s search for Team Drive files which have been updated in the past few months and which are images and docs only. Follow the steps below to achieve the same search:

    1. Clicked on the ‘Add rule’ button.
    1. Select the Updated search parameter and then select ‘after or equal’ and then enter the months of interest.
    1. After clicking on the ‘Add group’ button.
    1. Select the OR operator so the search parameters in this group will be OR’d together.
    1. The first search parameter was Type is equal to ‘Image’.
    1. Click on ‘Add rule’ button to create the second search parameter.
    1. The second search parameter was Type is equal to ‘Doc’.
  1. Apply the filter.

To know the exact number of Team Drive files which have been updated in the past few months and are images or docs. Click on the button ‘Show stats for the current filter’, this will run a search and calculate what file types are appearing for this current filter.

The ‘Stats for the current filter’ will take some time to generate the results.

View Events History for Team Drives

In the Files Tab of Drive audit, apply a search filter for Team Drive files, once the filter is applied click on the Events Tab. This will show you all of the events carried out on those files.

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