Audit and Policy for Google Apps

Audit and Policy for Apps (Third Party)


With the General Audit Tool you can now audit and set policy for additional apps running in your Google Apps environment. GAT provides two different audit views for you.


The User View

From ‘Audits’ on the homepage, select the ‘Users’ audit and then the Apps Tab


You can then search for any user, group or OU. This will list by email and name showing the number of apps each user has. You can click on the Apps column heading to sort by the number of apps installed for each user. Click on the number in this column takes you directly through to the Apps audit listing all the apps for this user.


The Apps View

The ‘Apps’ view can be found under the ‘Apps’ audit on the home page.

From this page you can search for apps under a wide range of criteria. For any given app you can set a number of policy conditions, these are for both enforcement and classification. Apps can be banned, partially banned, trusted or partially trusted. A full ban is where the app is banned domain wide. Partially banned apps are those that are banned for a user or range of users that are a subset of the domain (groups and OU’s can be used). A ‘Trusted’ policy is one where the app is trusted domain wide. A ‘Partially Trusted’ app is one that is trusted for a user or range of users that are a subset of the domain (groups and OU’s can be used). A single app can be both partially banned and partially trusted.

All other apps remain unclassified.

To set a policy

Click on the ‘+’ to add a policy for that App

The default policy setting is ‘Ban’, to make a ‘Trust’ setting press the trust button and it will become ‘Orange’ showing it is active. When the policy is set click ‘Save’ to have it enforced.


To Remove a policy

Click the ‘-’ at the end of each individually named policy to remove that policy.