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Delegate access to your Gmail account

With GAT+ Super Admins and Delegated Auditors can give a user access into another user’s Gmail account for a specified period of time after which the delegation is automatically removed. This may be for business purposes but it is also to facilitate the fast search and viewing of all the account emails via another user’s […]

Create Delegated Auditors within GAT+

Overview This feature is ideal where Admins want to delegate the audit function to local managers or regional security personnel. GAT+ allows anyone to audit any range of users based on the model of Google Groups, Google Classrooms, and Org Units. It does not require passing on Google Admin authority. Selected auditors can be an […]

Identify External members within your Google Groups

Vulnerabilities are introduced when a Google Group contains many or one external member. If these members are no longer in communication with your organization, or they are ex-partners, you should audit such groups and investigate whether these members should still be present.   Follow these instructions to identify, audit and take action on external members. […]