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Block Whole Categories of Websites with GAT Shield

GAT+ Shield – Sites Access control, Admins can block whole categories of websites that they deem are not suitable for their user base. In addition, Admins can create and edit custom categories which include exception sub-pages. For example, you can block Site domain but allow access to subdomains. So below we create an example of […]

[New Feature] Additional 1 Click Reports

GAT+ has added 4 new ‘1 Click’ reports to make life easier for Admins. These are designed to surface suspicious behaviour from suspicious locations even faster and and in a clear manner. The reports are: ‘Top Downloaded or Printed or Printed Files’ in the last 24 hours ‘Top Downloaded or Printed or Printed Files’ in […]

GAT Unlock – First Steps

GAT Unlock is the most sophisticated security management mechanism for Google Apps available today. It works on the principle that access to documents, or change of ownership of documents, without the owner’s knowledge or permission can only be accomplished with the active input of at least two people in the organization. One of these will […]