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How Much Time do My Users Spend on Hangouts?

In a real first for Auditing, GAT Shield now reports all Google Chats, on-record or off-record, the participants and the duration. Note: for the protection of privacy Chat content is not reported. List of users involved in a chat event. User email address or name is displayed, if available. There are three types of chat […]

GAT Shield Chrome Extension

GAT+ and GAT Shield provide oversight and protection for the children in the school. These tools work together to help identify the student, the device they are working on and how and when they are using that device. In the case of GAT Shield, the school can deploy the service to show the parents and […]

Monitor Chrome Devices by serial number | GAT Shield

GAT+ Shield has 3 category selection for choosing what section of users are monitored. Admins can now choose to monitor by what networks the users are on (only on premises for example), by what users or groups have been explicitly selected or by what device the user is on (only school owned Chromebooks). All three […]