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How to remove GAT Core

Removing GAT Core To uninstall GAT Core from your G suite domain. Go to the G suite admin console, enter the Apps section of the admin console. Select Marketplace apps. Select GAT Core from the list. Click on the bin icon to remove GAT Core

How to remove GAT Shield

If you installed GAT Shield on a trial it is a good idea to ‘clean up’ after the trial. Removing GAT Shield reporter is easy, it will be removed when you remove GAT+. However you must not forget to also remove the GAT Shield extension. You do this by returning to the Chrome Device Manager […]

Delegate one email account to another indefinitely with GAT+

With GAT+ Super Admins and Delegated Auditors can give a user access into another user’s Gmail account indefinitely. By default Admins could delegate for any number of hours and GAT+ would automatically remove the delegation when the time was up (saves Admins having to remember to go back and remove it). Now, by using 0 […]

GAT Shield Chrome Extension

GAT+ and GAT Shield provide oversight and protection for the children in the school. These tools work together to help identify the student, the device they are working on and how and when they are using that device. In the case of GAT Shield, the school can deploy the service to show the parents and […]

How Much Time do My Users Spend on Hangouts?

In a real first for Auditing, GAT Shield now reports all Google Chats, on-record or off-record, the participants and the duration. Note: for the protection of privacy Chat content is not reported.   List of users involved in a chat event. User email address or name is displayed, if available. There are three types of […]