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How to remove GAT Core

Removing GAT Core To uninstall GAT Core from your G suite domain. Go to the G suite admin console, enter the Apps section of the admin console. Select Marketplace apps. Select GAT Core from the list. Click on the bin icon to remove GAT Core

How to remove GAT Shield

If you installed GAT Shield on a trial it is a good idea to ‘clean up’ after the trial. Removing GAT Shield reporter is easy, it will be removed when you remove GAT+. However you must not forget to also remove the GAT Shield extension. You do this by returning to the Chrome Device Manager […]

Which files are shared externally and not visited in the last 90 days?

This is a really good question for Admins interested in cleaning up externally shared files that have gone ‘cold’. GAT can help answer this request. The simple solution is implemented as follows. From the Drive Audit select all files viewed in the last 90 days and then click on ‘Negate Filter’ Next select ‘Clear Filter’ […]