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Find users who shared out a document from a folder.

To find out who shared out the documents outside of your domain first you have to find the folder where files are located. Then apply click on Show contents of this folder and its subfolders. When the result is displayed, click on the Events tab on the top. In the Events tab apply filter and search for Shared out = […]

File management functionalities

File ownership change – when the admin enter the name of the New owner, there are options to deny access for the old own, if the files are trashed can be un-trashed and a custom path can be selected where the file to be moved into. When Ownership change is required, an admin can select […]

How to OffBoard one user

Launch GAT+ Under Configuration select On/Offboarding In Create workflow tab on top Set up Workflow name Select Workflow type to Offboarding Under the Users tab select Users (you can also select groups) Select the user you want to offboard then – Add selected user Note: To remove group – select Groups (2) and then add […]

How to OnBoard one user

Launch GAT+ Under Configuration select On/Offboarding In Create workflow tab on top Set up a Workflow name Select Workflow type to Onboarding  Select Domain Choose the email prefix for the new user Click on Accept Under Users tab select Add new user Fill in the user details Select Actions tab and pick any of the […]

Google Contacts Management

It is easy to manage your organization’s Google Contacts with GAT+. It is the only solution that provides G Suite Super Admins or delegated auditors with a centralized way to audit and make changes to any user’s Google contacts. View Contacts You can view all users and their contact list. The owner of the contact […]

Groups Audit Explained

GAT supports a separate audit for Groups. The purpose of this audit is two-fold. It will report on the ownership, membership and access rights for each group, along with details like aliases, managers etc.  It can also be used to detect and report new or changed groups. These are important security features. An admin can […]