Automatically Block and Approve URL Sets with GAT Shield | Block Social Media for Google Users

Automatically block certain Sites during specific times of the day.

For example, you can block Facebook between the hours of 9 AM and 6 PM Monday through Friday.
It allows you to create a list of sites that automatically become blocked at certain times.
It’s totally customizable and you can add multiple sites to this blacklist.
You can also choose to block all sites apart from ones within an active ‘Whitelisted’ list.

To block a webpage please follow the steps below.

  • In Shield , under Configuration select Site Access Control.
  • Select Add a Site Access category
  • Fill in the Details
    • Pick and add a name for the Site category
    • Select Type equals Blacklist (2)
    • Set up a Description (note for what is the rule about)
    • Select Add a site – drop down will be shown choose Manually or From web search
    • Add the sites you want to Block
  • Once they are added check and see the list of pages added.
  • When all websites added click on Save button

The list will be displayed on the left-hand side below User-defined Site Access categories. All White and Black lists will be shown below.

  • To activate the blacklist it has to be moved to Active Site Access rules (Right-hand side) area.
  • To do this simply click on the Arrow button (2) a new window will be displayed, fill in the details.

Configure the following settings:

  • Choose the Site Access action to Block.
  • (Optional) Redirect users when they’ve been blocked to another website (Blocking Page)
  • (Optional) Show a custom warning message which appears above the website being viewed. The pop-up message will completely cover the current open page.
  • Setup a time restriction if there is no time restriction (the sites will be blocked while the rule is active).
    The rule will not be active outside the setup time-range.
  • Select the user’s scope by choosing which users to be covered by the restriction.
  • Click on Save

The Blacklist for Social media is Active when it is under Active Site Access rules.

Editing existing blacklists/whitelist

An admin can modify the rules applied and add new sites to the list by selecting the ‘Pen’ icon under the action bar in the User defined Site Access Categories area.
You can add extra sites to your active blacklist, adding more pages to be restricted.

For the rule to be active it might take some time, but once it is active and the rule is applied to your users the social media pages will be blocked.

They will be redirected to as we set up when creating the Blacklist above.

Here’s how to block whole categories of websites with GAT Shield.