Blanket Access for Admins to all Files and Emails for a Range of Users

In the Security Officer section on the GAT homepage, Security Officers will find a button

The Security Officer icon to select blanket access features

called ‘Configure Admins’

configurue admins in GAT

This area allows Security Officers to give blanket access to files or emails to a range of Admins for certain OU’s.

drive admins - granted permission to view and download al files in the specified organisations

This is ideal for situations where Admins do not need to get constant approval. An example would be in an education environment where the Admin would have open access to the Student OU’s but would still have to get selective approval from the security officer to access a file in the Staff or HR OU.

For a single OU level add a value like /Staff (Note, this will not grant access to the OU /Staff/IT).

For a full OU tree add a value like /Students/*

The Admin should now see something like this

Refresh list

After the Security Officer sets up access for the Admins to see all content, the GAT Admin should return to ‘View File Contents’ in the Drive Audit, click ‘Refresh List’, they should now see a new link for full access to the OU, click on this link to make the download and view icons appear beside all files for members of the OUs.

Be sure you also read all the steps on how GAT works before giving blanket access.