Building an Email Whitelist

In this example, we are going to build a ‘whitelist’ and report on a daily basis all email sent from our domain to domains, not on the whitelist.

Select the ‘Emails’ Audit from the Home screen,

email audit logo on home screen

First, create a filter for only today’s email.

filter emails using GAT+

For this example, we are going to say our whitelist domains are, and (unlikely, but good for an example). First we search for all email ‘Sent to’ each domain.

Whitelist Domains with GAT+

Next, in recent filters, we combine our results.

combine filter results with GAT+

Then we ‘negate’ the whitelist

negate whitelist with GAT+

Next, we filter only for email for today and for non-whitelisted domains. This is in preparation for making it a daily scheduled report.

Once we are in the scheduler we can set it up for a daily run.

schedule a job on GAT+

The report will be sent automatically to the Administrator and to the selected distribution list every night after it runs.

The scheduled job can be edited or reviewed at any time in the scheduled jobs.


The filter for the search portion of this scheduled audit is


 “2searchTextType”: “SENT_TO”,

 “0dateFrom”: “19/11/2014 00:00:00”,

 “_reportType”: “EMAILS”,

 “4searchText”: “”,

 “0searchTextType”: “SUBJECT”,

 “1negate”: “true”,

 “2searchText”: “”,

 “1#multi”: “or 2 3 4”,

 “#multi”: “and 0 1”,

 “4searchTextType”: “SENT_TO”,

 “3searchTextType”: “SENT_TO”,

 “3searchText”: “”


Use the ‘pen’ icon at the end of the filter to paste in the filter rule above.

You can change the three whitelist domains to ones on your own choosing and remember the start date is in the european format dd/mm/yyyy.