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Bulk Download or View Email Contents

The global live email search is under the ‘Gmail Search’ tab within email audit.

Here you can search for all the emails sent to or from a particular user on your domain. (You can also search for emails associated with groups or OUs of users.) The search can also take many flags, for example you could search for email sent to a particular user that was ‘Unread’, click on ‘Search tips’ to open a new page with all the flags you can use.

Because the entire domain is searched, it may take some time unless you narrow down the scope in which case I’m doing in the above screenshot. I narrowed down the search to a specific Google Group. The above example will look for all emails older than 1 day and that have been opened. 

When the search is finished you can click on ‘Apply’ to see the table of the results.

When the results appear select some or all emails in the result table by using the ‘Toggle Selectable’ button then click on the Email Operation drop-down menu and click on ‘Access permissions granted’.

Click on ‘New Request’ to send this search to a Security Officer for their approval to allow you to read or download copies of these messages. Decide for how long you want to have access to these emails and enter a custom message to your Security Officer with your request.

The Security Officer will receive an email detailing the the access request being made. They can click on the link in the email to approve.

Once approved the Super Admin will receive an email in return notifying them of the SO decision.

It will look like this.

Once you receive this email, refresh the Current request list to see access grants that have been changed from pending to granted. These requests will now have a check mark beside them. Click on ‘Activate Grant’.

Each email can be read or downloaded individually by clicking on the Action button beside them.

To download all the emails select the ‘Toggle Selectable’ button and click on the top checkbox which will select every email within the result table. Right next to the ‘Toggle Selectable’ button click on ‘Email Operations’ drop-down menu and click on Download e-mails. 

Downloading individual emails will occur almost instantaneously. Downloading all the emails takes some time. We have to retrieve the emails and add them to a zip as PDFs. Allow about 10 minutes for every 100mb of emails. To make it efficient we will create the download zip file on one of our servers and will create a link for you to bring down the zip to your own PC or server. 

A password is generated and sent to your email address, use this password to be able to view the contents in the zip file because all of the PDFs will be password protected. 

If the download is big, you can complete other audit tasks or grab a coffee. When you return to GAT+ go to the Admin Log in the Configuration section.