Changing Ownership of an Entire Folder Tree

Another feature of ‘Unlock’ is that it enables an often requested task of moving an entire folder tree, root folder and sub-folders, from one or many owners to a new owner.

This task is completed with the File Management tab. Use the drop-down menu button next to the folder name to see the options. Click on ‘Apply permission change to this folder (recursive)’. When the File Management option menu appears enter the new owner’s email address. And make sure to remove the previous owner as editor. 

Note: When changing ownership with GAT Unlock the previous owner is added automatically as an editor to the files he owned prior to your changes. Make sure to enter the previous owner into the field ‘Remove following users as Editors’ if you don’t want them to have that privilege by default before sending the request to your Security Officer. 

This is an ideal feature for consolidating a shared folder structure, or handling leaving staff or students.