How to Change Ownership of an Entire Folder Tree

Another feature of ‘Unlock’ is that it enables an often requested task of moving an entire folder tree, root folder and sub-folders, from one or many owners to a new owner.

Here’s how you can change ownership of an entire folder tree with GAT Unlock:

Click on the Apply custom filters button.

Search for the folder using any of the following parameters individually or together.

  • Type equal Folder
  • File ID equal XXX

Or change the type of filter to Title Description Search by default its set to a Simple Filter.

Click on the drop-down menu option next to the root folder you want to make changes to.

Make sure to select (recursive) this will carry the permission changes you make down the sub-folders.


In the File Management screen, enter the new owner’s email address. Notice that the option recursive is already enabled.

By default when ownership is being changed, the previous owner will be added as an editor to all of the files he previously owned so if you don’t want this to happen, before sending the request, add the previous owner’s email address in the field “Remove following users as Editors”.


The request is sent to your Security Officers via email. Once he/she approves the changes will be carried out.