How to Create a Policy for a Document

Creating a policy in GAT is simple. First, look for the document to make sure it exists. Then, keeping the document name, look for ‘documents changed’, from the start of the month and search again. If the document was not changed you might find nothing, but that’s OK, you just wanted to build the policy that you are going to schedule in the next step.image showing the first steps of how to create a policy for a document

The important thing to remember about a narrow policy like this is that the file might also be subject to a big policy, which could warn the owners too. When designing policies for whole domains you have to carefully think out the domain-wide ones and the specific ones.

every first of month policy option in GAT

So do you allow all shares and block specific ones, or do you block all shares and allow specific ones?

Do you do nothing and just warn people once a month about files shared out that changed during the month?

Are there some cases where you just remove access and don’t warn people?

These can become very complex questions which the Admin team needs to think through with the managers as to what is the appropriate level of external sharing and/or warnings.