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How to a Create a Report of End Users Documents They Own

In this usage case, GAT allows domain admins to prepare a report that is sent to each user, showing the files that they own as a spreadsheet attachment.

The report can be prepared around several different user sets, depending on the scope the admin wishes to give to the report.

Select the Drive feature

First, we select Drive Audit then we apply a custom filter and search for files owned by our domain.

Select the filter

We simply search for files where the owner is our domain.

Select apply

Once we find all files owned by our domain, we can click the Apply button and this will run the search.

Click on the Files Operations button and select Remove Permissions. Remove Permissions has a feature to notify the owners of the files in this search result and provide them with a spreadsheet of all the files they own.

Click on the Files Operations button and select Remove Permissions.

Select 'scan' in the multi permission change tab

In the Permission change option select “Report onlythis will ensure no actions are happening on the selected search.

Add a message of your choice.

Key terms to know about when creating a custom message:

{{RECIPIENT}} – recipients full name
{{RECIPIENT.FIRSTNAME}} – recipient first name,
{{RECIPIENT.LASTNAME}} – recipient surname,
{{RECIPIENT.EMAIL}} – recipient email.

{{FILES}} – Displays in the email the files in question with a URL link.

This is the message the end user will see. The email will show them all of the files they own.

Clicking on the ‘View files’ button at the bottom will open a Google Spreadsheet for the user.