Detailed Audit of External Shares

In this post, we will discuss how you can handle and audit external files shared into your domain. You will quickly be able to analysis which external users are sharing in the most number of files.

On the GAT+ homepage, click on Drive, then select External Users tab. This will provide a list of all external users.

To identify the files shared in by these external users, review the column Owns (not ours).

The External Users auditing section shows in detail all the external users that have access to documents on your domain as well, some of these docs may be owned by your domain, some not, but they are all opened by or shared explicitly to your users.

The report produces 6 columns, all sortable. The external view lists all the external users and is sorted by the number of documents you have in common but may be sorted by any other column also.  

  • In particular, Can edit (our docs only) is an important sort, to see who the big external collaborators are for documents owned by local users on your domain.
  • Can view (our docs only) indicates files external users can view which are owned by your local users on your domain.
  • Can Edit (any doc) and Can view (any doc) these values may contain files which are not owned solely by your domain, they may be owned by other external domains.

Clicking on any blue number links to the files reflected in that category. This allows the admin to export the detailed metadata about these files.


Remove External Users as Editors or Readers

In External Users Tab sort, the column Can Edit (any doc) and Can view (any doc) can be used quickly to remove a particular external share. Click on the values, this will take you to those files.

Next to the email address of the external user will be a drop-down menu. Click on it, and select either remove the external user as an Editor or Reader.

  • Remove this permission, will remove the external user from just that document.
  • Remove as Reader/Editor from files in the current filter, will remove the external user from all files within the current filter.