Detailed Login Auditing (Location, Time, Attempts)

From the GAT Audit home page

GAT Dashboard

Under our detailed ‘Users’ audit, GAT has been reporting detailed login information for each user under the ‘Security’ tab. We have now been able to greatly improve the accuracy of the last login time.

see last login with GAT

Clicking through of the last Login time, shows the full login history, with IP address and geo-location mapping if required.

Clicking through on the last negative event shows the history of failed and suspicious logins for that account, with IP address and maps. This column is sortable domain wide so you can quickly identify accounts under potential repeated attack.

We have now greatly expanded the reporting for this data.

General Audit Tool (GAT) - One click reports

Under ‘One Click Reports’, the fast access path to some important detailed reports, we have added  ‘User Log-in Reports’ as a new option

General Audit Tool (GAT) user login report

When you click on the link above you are taken to the ‘View by Events’ log-in report.

Once here, you can sort by User, Date and Time, IP address and Event (ok or negative).

At the top, there is also the ‘One Click’ summaries for different event types and a standard GAT format extensive search box.

General Audit Tool (GAT) view by event login report

A second report option ‘View by IP’ is also available. Click on this to see the history of events by IP address. This is very useful for attack analyses.

GAT reports

Each of the columns is sortable and each row has a click through the report for the detail behind the number.

Many domains have a series of address networks which they know are ‘OK’

These can all be searched for by abbreviated address format.

GAT - negate filter

When found the Admin can click on ‘Negate Filter’ to find all the login’s not from these addresses. These would be ‘untrusted’ nets.

A nightly report of these untrusted network logins can then be scheduled, saving the data as a spreadsheet and reporting to the Admin.

In all report cases login addresses can be mapped with Google Maps.

Because security is so important to the Google community we are making all of the above free even after your GAT trial ends. So even if you are one of the few who does not want good auditing ;-), you can still enjoy the benefits of some GAT security after your domain’s general trial ends.