Out of Hours Email Activity Reporting with GAT+

Need to report on email activity that happens out of hours? GAT+ now lets you run reports detailing the emails sent and received by employees ‘out of hours’. This was developed in particular for our French customers, where the ability to run such reports is now a legal requirement.

Email Out of Hours Reporting

Part 1.

GAT+ lets Admins run scheduled reports to show the amount of email each user has sent and received outside of certain hours.

This report is specifically designed for the French market, where the law requires the employers must be aware and prevent as much as possible out of hours work by staff.

First from the GAT+ home page, under ‘Reports’, select ‘Scheduled Reports’

Next select ‘Emails during out of hours’ and the press ‘New report’

Once in the new report, configure as to best suit your needs.

You can give the output report a name of your choice, if not, it will default to ‘Emails out of Hours’ and a date combination.

You can also ask the scheduler to look back a number of weeks. Look back 1 week if you are running weekly, say every Monday as in the screenshot example. If you are going to run every 4 weeks, then look back 4 weeks.

You can also set the work hours. GAT+ will then calculate everything outside those hours. It will take the last hour on Friday and cover to the first hour on Monday to calculate weekend activity.

The report will cover sent and received email by default.

Part 2.

You can initiate this report from the ‘Emails’ audit area also.  When you build the scheduled report from here you can add all of the additional audit filters you want. For example you can decide to focus on a particular group or OU, or look for just ‘Sent’ email, or both.

After making your filter selection and pressing ‘Search Emails’ wait until the results come back and then press ‘Schedule’ and select the ‘Out of hours’ report option.

From there configure as outlined in part 1 of this post.