Email Audits – Daily Usage Stats

GAT has enhanced its User Audit with detailed auditing for daily usage loads and email label counts for each user.


The label count is the number of email labels and Google+ Circle labels each user has.

GAT email audit feature

Email Counts

By default, GAT shows the combined email send and receive stats for the last 30 days.

To view the daily loads you had to look at the ‘Email Charts’. Some Admins wanted this data in tabular form, where it could be exported or scheduled to run as a daily report.

Clicking on ‘Show daily stats’ now lets you do both.

GAT date selection

You can also select the day you want to look at stats for, you can export to a spreadsheet or you can schedule a daily report.

To restore to the 30-day view, simply select the empty field at the top of the list.


The scheduled report can also be selected directly from the scheduler.

daily user email stats

On the GAT home page select ‘Scheduled Reports’ and then under ‘New Report’, select ‘Daily User Email Stats’


Notes :

The “day” is the IMAP date for Google which is the California time zone (PDT).

When scheduling a job we will create as many files as needed to depending on how many scan days were done, for example, if for example, a scan finds new emails for 20-07-2014,27-07-2014, 28-07-2014 we will upload the 3 files even if they were uploaded before in a previous run (we could update the files but there is a chance then that could destroy user content). The reason is that some accounts can have errors during a scan but work fine in the next, so the email stats change, and also note, the current day of emails which is likely subject to change until next day.


Update – you can correct the email date to sync with your day in your timezone by setting the flag ‘Email scan timezone’ to your TZ. This is done in the ‘Configure GAT’ section of your home page.


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