Email Sender/Receiver Table

Do you need to see how many emails were sent to an address in a period of time?

Or maybe you had a spoofing attack and need to see what addresses were emailed from a compromised account? GAT makes this easy with the send receive table.

General Audit Tool (GAT) Sender/Receiver Table

In the Email audit module of GAT+Email select the appropriate filter option such as ‘Sent To’ or ‘Sent From’, add any date range that is required and click on ‘Search Emails’.

(Tip. You can choose a second, or more, filter type such as ‘Subject’ and combine with your earlier filters, using the ‘Recent Filters’ tab)

Once you have returned the individual audit results you can now look at them in a combined table form by clicking on the ‘Sender/Receiver’ table button.

This will display the table showing both the combined total for each external domain and the combined total for each external user inside that domain.

export domains to spread sheet with General Audit Tool (GAT)

A recent update now lets you select either the domain or the individual account view and export just that view to a spreadsheet.