Enhanced G Suite Site Audits

The Google Apps Sites API has long been bothersome and has never really returned a satisfactory pool of audit data, with GAT we have tried to fix some of those shortcomings with our own enhanced scan.

This Sites audit now contains 4 additional columns

GAT Site audit

The new count columns are sortable and cover the number of pages on a site, the number of attachments on the site and the number of embedded links both external and total. The fourth column allows you to see a map of the site, see a list of the attachment names and see a list of the links embedded in the pages. You now have a detailed audit of the site.


Clicking on pie chart shows you the breakdown of page types

GAT Site page details

Under ‘Action’, clicking on the map icon will show you the sitemap in hierarchical form 

General Audit Tool (GAT) sitemap in hierarchical form

Clicking on the rotate button will redisplay the site layout giving you optimal coverage in the window to maximise page name visibility, which can be turned on or off, along with other details.

GAT Labels Visibility feature

Clicking on the attachments icon shows you the attachments on the site

A list of attachments on a Google Site

Likewise for page embedded links.

List of link details