How to Exclude a Folder Tree from a Share Blocking Policy

It is a common policy feature for Admins to create a scheduled job which will revoke all external shares for a user, group, OU or domain. These policy actions can greatly enhance security.

Sometimes, however, it may be required to exclude a file, a folder or a folder tree from the policy of removing shares. GAT allows this to happen easily.

We look at how to do this and we will use the folder tree as an example. We prepare our filters in two steps.

First, we find the folder of interest by searching for it by name.

exclude a folder tree with GAT

Then we expand the full folder tree by clicking on +> at the end of the folder name.

Finally, we press Negate Filter to generate a view that will exclude that tree and all the files that were in it.

Second, we search for all the files we wish to apply the policy to, this could be something like all files owned by members of the group

Click on search documents in GAT

Once both filters have been created you then select the tab ‘Recent Filters’ and combine both the search to which you want the rule to apply and the search for the excluded tree (click on ‘Show’ to run the search).

GAT feature

Finally, after you are satisfied that the results match your requirements, press ‘Schedule/Save’ to save the new combined filter and schedule and apply the policy actions you want to happen to the remaining selected documents.

schedule/save documents with GAT

Multiple filters can be combined at the same time. Filters respect both ‘And’ and ‘Or’ operators for each part.