FinacesOnline Recognises General Audit Tool with 2 Business Intelligence Software Awards

General Audit Tool was recently reviewed by reputable B2B software platform FinancesOnline, and not only did our reliable auditing tool net a positive score but was also recognized with the Great User Experience and Rising Star awards.

The Great User Experience award is given to software systems that are well-designed and efficiently facilitate the work process. Compared to other business intelligence software alternatives FinancesOnline has on their website, General Audit Tool was said to be “faster than any other auditing tool or solutions for G suite,” thus enabling users to swiftly obtain insights and make decisions. General Audit Tool was also praised for its capability to provide comprehensive reports from G Suite and the Google Chrome Environment within a few hours. Of course, access to confidential information must also be protected, and General Audit Tool ensures the “strictest security model there is for both document and email access.”

FinancesOnline’s experts conclude: “If you need to know what’s going on inside your Google Domain or your G Suite environment, General Audit Tool delivers the data you need. The software generates detailed reports on user behaviour, gauge performance, provide precise measures of collaboration, flag unusual and peculiar behaviour, and much more.”

Similarly, General Audit Tool bagged the Rising Star award as well as a high 91 percent user satisfaction rating, proving that our solution quickly rose in popularity after satisfying our clients. This enabled our solution to land in FinancesOnline’s top 10 popular business intelligence software solutions. With this, we can proudly state that General Audit Tool truly provides data you can trust and build on.