How to Find All Emails for a Gmail User

When you install GAT+Email we back index all the email in every account for a period of 30 days prior to the install date.  This helps us build up some statistics to give you for analysis of recent trends.

We then index every email going forward.

But what do you do in the event that you want to search the metadata for all the email in the folders of a particular user, even where that email is older than the GAT Start date – 30?

GAT now allows you to pick any user and search the entirety of their mailbox for any email, from any time period, as long as the email is still there.

Gmail results in GAT

The search may take quite some time.

After it completes, be sure to wait for a few more moments while the database of results is built.  When it is ready you will see the option to ‘Explore all emails’ – click on this when it appears to continue your normal search process.

explore all emails in GAT

You can add new filters, to find specific emails, or use the tables to examine the totality of that user’s activity.  When finished with that user’s search, click on exit to remove their database from the search. See the top of the first screenshot to find the search ‘Exit’

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