Find exposed files outside your Google domain [Old UI]

In the GAT+ Drive Audit one click on the number ‘Open to full public view’ shows you all the public files on your domain Drive. (Or you can see those that are available to all with the link or ‘Published’ like a web page, both reports just a click away also.)


All in yellow describes documents open to other users in your domain:

30 Open to our domain in full means these are shared with the domain ( They may be shared with other external users also. The number (12) means there are only 12 documents that are shared exclusively with the domain and no one else (so not also shared external for example).
Open to our domain in full means that anyone doing a domain-wide document search for a name or content string will find these documents in their search results.
47 Open to our domain with link is the number of documents shared to the domain with a ‘link’. This means anyone with the link can see these documents. They won’t be returned in a search by everyone, they will only be returned in a search if the user already opened the link they were sent in an email. The number (30) means these documents have no other shares apart from a user with the ‘link’.
283 open to other users of this domain means that these have been shared to specific users local to the domain, they might ALSO be shared to external users or to everyone at the domain. The (58) figure means this number of documents is shared ONLY with named people on the domain and NOT with everyone or NOT public, etc.
Documents Open to full Public View are also available to people on the domain.