Find Top Senders of Email to an Address, From an Address, of a Particular Type, etc

Finding the Top Senders of email to an address, from an address, of a particular type, etc.

This tech tip is a feature from GAT+

If we want to find which user or which domain is sending most emails to support we start by going to the email audit on GAT+

GAT features

We change the search to ‘Sent To’, enter the address we are interested in and hit ‘Search Emails’.  This will return a list of all the emails sent to and from that address, internal and external, with and without files. Clicking on any blue number in the color row above the results selects that set of emails.

Clicking on ‘Sender/Receiver Table’ ranks the results both by domain and by individual email address.

"emails with sent to" in GAT

This makes the complex analyses of figuring out who is generating work for you so easy it almost seems trivial.  If you have the external support you can see who are the main domains that generate load and who the leading individuals are.

The main search itself has many criteria you can set, once you search for something in particular, the tables reflect the result for that search criteria.

So, for example, you could do a search on just ‘With Attachments’, then the ‘Sender/Receiver Table’ will show the top internal senders and receivers of email with attachments.

The largest G Suite customers in the world trust GAT. It has become the gold standard for accuracy and the benchmark by which to judge other audit tools.

To Install GAT, look here Google Staff pick.