Finding Files with Duplicate Names

Using GAT ‘Drive’ audit.

To find all the files with the same name, but different id (indicating that they are a different file), in a Google folder, you first find the folder by searching for its name.

GAT: document name

You then expand the folder and all the sub-folders by clicking on ‘+>’ link after the folder name listing. (Clicking ‘->’ expands one level down, ‘+>’ all levels down.)

Next step is to export the results to a spreadsheet.

GAT export to spreadsheet button

Once the export is complete, click on the link to open the spreadsheet.

For your convenience, under ‘View’, freeze row 1.

Next sort on column 1. This will bring all the files with the same name together. Column 2 shows the file id. This differs indicating that files with the same name have different physical files behind each name.