• G Suite Audit Delegation

How to delegate G Suite Audit rights to a Non-Admin?

There are many obvious reasons why large G Suite domains want to limit the number of G Suite Super Admins. Super admins have access to all features in the Admin console and Admin API and can manage every aspect of your organization’s account. Currently, there is no way to give a user Super Admin-like audit privileges without making them full super admins within the Admin Console. GAT+ delegated auditors solves this issue for big domains.

Audit Delegation

Give power to normal users without making them a Super Admin

Assign audit privileges to normal users and give them an auditing scope over others. They will not be authorized to access the Admin Console but they will be able to carry out audits over other users nevertheless using GAT+. You have the flexibility to create auditors for all of your different departments.

How to set up audit delegation

  1. Choose your auditors, a single user, a group of users or an entire Org. Unit of users.
  2. Give them audit scope over other users, maybe to one user, or multiple users via Google group or Org. Unit.
  3. Select the auditing time window.

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