Recently we have been asked by Admins considering buying GAT+,

“Why do we need GAT+ audit tools now that the G Suite console has improved auditing?”

A simple answer might be to say for speed (GAT+ is much faster), detail (it’s also much more detailed) and ease of use (GAT+ lets you do way more filtering). However, this simple answer misses a much bigger reason. G Suite auditing is designed to report on and protect your data storage in the cloud.

GAT+ is designed to protect and report on your data usage in the cloud. This is a huge and fundamental difference. The difference covers not just the type, range and volume of data collected but also the presentation of that data.

  • GAT+ presents exceptionally accurate data and information on collaboration, not just file shares.
  • GAT+ measures activity and engagement on each share, not just the share itself.
  • GAT+ measures engagement across emails and calendar appointments.
  • With GAT+, you can assess any users activity, whether inward facing or outward facing.
  • With GAT+ you get reports on collaboration, graphs on file shares and maps on where files rest on your G Suite drive.
  • GAT+ is designed to audit behaviour, therefore it can send alerts based on abnormal activity.

GAT+ reports a whole domain view.

With GAT+ Drive audit, you can examine every account and every folder. With Email Audit, you can examine every email. With Calendar Audit, you can audit over every event and appointment. In addition, you have full control over access to and removal of these items with GAT Unlock.

As G Suite continues to report more detail on the file state or email volume, GAT+ continues to report more detail on user usage, user behaviour and inter-user collaboration.

It also offers insights (both in table and graph format) that are essential to your organization to understand what is really happening with your users and your data and not just how much data you have.

In addition, with GAT Shield we are extending that behaviour auditing and protection to your organization’s entire online experience.

By being able to audit and monitor usage on any site or web page, we can offer real-time DLP that protects not just emails and drive files as they are being written but every other online activity of your staff. It offers complete cloud protection an auditing. It lets Admins and HR produce meaningful reports as to where people spend their time, whether collaborating in G Suite docs, or spending time in HangOuts or working on the company’s CRM system, GAT Shield has you covered.

GAT Suite will continue to be bound closely to G Suite both complementing and extending its audit and protection function.

GAT promises to both secure and report on how your data is used, who it is being used by and where it is being accessed. Measuring not just data but activity and reporting on everything from file creation to inappropriate usage to productivity.

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