GAT Browsing Summary Tab

The Browsing Summary tab allows Administrators to see the statistics on browsing behaviour for all users in the Google domain. It can be filtered by Time Range (up to the last 30 days), or by scope, OU, Group, Classroom or individual User or by Domain (domains and sub-domains).

Within those selections, G Suite Admins or delegated auditors can see the time usage charts, the top users and sites by time spent and views (sites selected for viewing).

In addition, for each user in the selected domain and scope, for the entire period selected, the full user activity is analysed and the auditor can say exactly how much time they spent browsing and exactly where the time was spent.
All the charts are mouse ‘active’. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out on the timeline. Click to turn on or off segments of the ‘doughnuts’ or mouse over the bars to see what each browsing segment is.
In Enterprise it allows the auditor to see where staff in a sales group say are focusing their time online.
In Education it allows the auditor to see who in a class say, is spending the most time online and whether it is on a study site or on Youtube.

New browsing summary tab in GAT Shield