G Suite Administrators

GAT is the Global Leader in G Suite reporting and auditing. It brings crystal clear reports covering all aspects of your G Suite environment, actively enhancing security, providing insight, simplifying management and best of all reducing the time and cost running G Suite.
It’s active security measures are designed to complement Google’s and GAT gives you the peace of mind that your data and your users are protected no matter where in the cloud they connect to your G Suite.

IT Security Teams

GAT is designed to complement G Suite in areas like DLP and Reporting. You are probably discovering that existing tools are starting to overlap G Suite and providing less performance. GAT was designed with the expectation that Google would provide DLP for Drive and Email, but would not do so for every other web page your staff visited. GAT through it’s Shield product provides that cover. Protecting your back on pages where Google does not reach and illuminating and reporting on detail that Google does not capture.

IT Security Officers

GAT is the only G Suite tool that has an active security workflow management system. Changes by Admins to revoke risky shares can be carried out instantly. Changes to gain access or change permissions on sensitive data files must first be approved by the Security Officers in an ordered and logged workflow. GAT removes the need to use ‘cowboy’ tools to perform bulk security tasks. In addition, it’s delegated audit capability can give security officers tremendous oversight, without the need to be SysAdmins.


Because of GAT Tool’s powerful audit, tracking and search capabilities, GAT for Managers can provide Managers with unparalleled insight into team performance, team collaboration, external collaboration networks, levels of customer or partner engagement and knowledge repositories within the team. Understand at a glance overall team performance in terms of email activity, document collaboration, scheduled calendar commitment, and browsing habits. Drill down to see individual performance. Get detailed time reporting for all your home/remote workers.


GAT Tools save you money because they can reduce incidents, reduce investigation time if incidents do occur, reduce sensitive data loss, actively monitor for user behaviour and even prevent actions that are not appropriate. In addition, the GAT tool suite helps you extract much more value from your investment in G Suite, by providing better insights and better reporting.

Remote workers

Benefit from the freedom of remote work, while still being able to track and report your browser based work.
Whether you spend all your time in G Suite, on Google ‘Meet’ or on any of your company’s other browser based services, GAT Shield will track and report your time accurately, while also giving you the freedom to switch to another browser session to handle personal stuff.
You can see how your own time is spent and even tag sessions as time to be allocated to a particular customer or project. Shield gives you complete oversight on how your time is spent.


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