GAT – End User Audits

GAT allows every end user to self-audit across certain areas of their activity. The principal areas covered are Drive, Calendars, Sites, Groups, Users, Google+ and Login Activity*.

GAT Dashboard

The GAT home page for an End User.

In each area, the user can only see metadata for what s/he can see in the Google environment. So for example in Drive, they can see their own documents and those of other users to which they have been given access.

GAT homepage for end user

Example of End User Drive audit screen

For Calendars, they only see audit details on calendars which they own, or to which they have been invited. Likewise for Sites and Groups.

The Users report will only show details on their own account activity.

Google+ audits shows their Google+ activity.

User Log-in Reports* are in the process of being deployed for End Users in order to show where their account activity is coming from. The idea is to help them identify if and from where, there has been any strange activity on their account.

*Note – This feature has not yet rolled out.

In addition, the End User can set their own time-zone and date format based on their location (for their GAT reporting only).

"Configure GAT icon