DLP has emerged as a big security issue for Cloud based services, including G Suite.

How does GAT handle DLP ?

GAT uses both ‘string search’ and DLP in a combination approach to help search and protect the customer environment.

With GAT+ you can audit Drive, Gmail and much more. You can also content search Drive and Gmail by ‘String Search’. This is not Reg. Ex. searching because it needs to match the literal string. However, it is a much faster ‘live search’ that can cover your whole Drive and Gmail environment. We rely on Google to do Drive and Email Reg. Ex. based DLP directly on the cloud files and emails as only they can do this in real-time. We currently allow Admins to track this for Drive DLP on GAT+.

BUT we also do DLP directly. For our DLP component, we built a Chrome extension that you can push to your Chrome clients. We call this GAT Shield.

GAT Shield lets you push the Reg. Ex. rules that you can select or build for DLP. These rules run in-situ on your infrastructure and we never have to see the content. They also have the advantages of being real-time and all-encompassing. While the rules can cover email and Drive file content as it is typed (even earlier than Google), they have the huge advantage of covering every other aspect of browser-based activity as well, whether it is a user on Banking Sites or Facebook or any other site.

For cloud browsing content GAT Shield Reg. Ex. DLP is the safest option and is real-time.

As an example, if a user types in a credit card number on an unapproved site, you can warn the user, get an alert sent to the Security Officer and have Shield close the tab before the user can hit carriage return to submit the data. So your data is not leaked at any stage. It works on Google docs and Gmail as they are being typed, but also every other web page,  even phishing sites that the user was redirected too.

Not only is GAT Shield very powerful, it is also beautifully executed, with very low false positive rates, easy Admin modification and phenomenal insight into user activity.

The GAT+ approach also has the advantage of being 100% complementary to Google’s approach offering faster string search where Google lack it and broader DLP alerting where Google lack it.

At GAT we have always focused on security and technology, delivering only solutions that protect your data, improve your security, increase your insight and reduce your costs.

GAT+ and GAT Shield. Simply Better.

Note: GAT Shield requires a ‘Chrome Only’ environment for your user base. For domains that ‘go Google’ and deploy Chrome at enterprise level, there is no other environment as secure from a DLP point of view. With native Google DLP and GAT Shield DLP on Chrome you literally have a ‘real time’ wall around your data. There is no other combination of tools from any other vendor that can give you a more secure cloud environment. GAT Shield extensions can be enforced via your SSO platform.

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GAT for Enterprise is used by hundreds of Admins from the biggest G Suite domains worldwide because of it’s unique and powerful reporting features.