We are often asked to do a comparison between GAT+ and Google Vault or GAT+ and Google Reports.

This is often based on the assumption that GAT+ is a replacement for one or the other. This is not the case. While some functions overlap, GAT+ is designed to be complementary to both these Google tools.

What’s the difference?

The confusion sometimes arises because at its centre GAT+ is a powerful reporting tool. It also allows for the viewing, downloading and off-line storage of certain emails or files.

However it is not a ‘matter retention’ platform, nor is it an archiving or backup solution, nor is it simply a reporting tool.

“GAT+ is a deep investigation and analysis tool that is designed to report on user behaviour in all G Suite areas, measure performance, give accurate measures of collaboration, identify user adoption, flag strange or unusual behaviour, generate statistical analyses and record and report data for all time.”

It also has incredible scheduled reporting, that allow for archived daily reports of every activity area. It actively monitors and triggers reports on a wide number of variables. In addition it can also make scheduled actions, for example to realign file ownership on a nightly basis or remove remote access to certain files.

It understands Users, Groups, OUs and Classrooms, folders and folder trees as both collective and individual entities.

GAT+ All the things you can’t do anywhere else

It understands and can give views from many different angles to your cloud data.

It answers questions like:

  • What files are shared out or in by the sales group?

  • Who owns all the files in this folder tree? (And lets you change the owner)

  • How many emails did marketing send and receive in the last month?

  • What was the average response time of the sales team to emails sent to the sales address?

  • How many of those were internal only?

  • Which email accounts are ‘aliased’ and which are ‘delegated’.

  • What other domains are we cross sharing files with? (For external shares it draws a complete proprietary map of external shares into and out of the domain.)

  • Lots of copies of this file exist on our G-Suite enterprise drive, where are they? (And draw me a map)

  • Who are the top collaborators in the Finance group? (Not just who is sharing, but who is collaborating, because we are the only tool to distinguish between the two.)

  • This inappropriate file has been shared to everyone, who has read it?

  • This phishing email was sent to everyone in accounts, who opened it? (And we can let you go ahead and remove it from every account)

  • What external Apps have access to our domain and what is their ‘risk’ profile?

  • What is your users calendar activity like?

  • Where was that Chrome device last used?

  • What was downloaded to it? Who downloaded it? From where?

  • What are the serial numbers of the chrome devices that this user logged on to?

  • What groups receive no email and have no collective file shares?

  • Who generates the most work for support?

  • Who knows about Google Classrooms?

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Email, Drive, Users, Classrooms and more… Audit, Measure and Analyse all your domain data.

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