GAT Removes Your Pain Points


1) “What files on my google domain can everyone on the internet find or see?”

files in your Google domain

In the GAT+ Drive Audit one click on the number ‘Open to full public view’ shows you all the public files on your domain Drive. (Or you can see those that are available to all with the link or ‘Published’ like a web page, both reports just a click away also.)


2) “We have files that are shared to lots of other domains, how can I see which ones?”

Within the Drive Audit and with the press of one button ‘Domain Connections’, we draw a map of your entire set of Drive shares into and out of your domain.


3) “I need to see a list of all the external people that have explicit access to files on your Domain drive?”

In the Drive Audit, one press of the button ‘External Users’ will produce a table that you can sort by the desired column.



4) Need to find and remove an email in a hurry? (even from hundreds of accounts!)

In the Email Audit using the ‘Domain Gmail Search’ you can do a live search of every folder in every account on your domain for an email containing text in any location (subject, body, attachment) or any other identifier and have a list of those emails found.

Using ‘View Email Contents’ (with the ‘Unlock’ feature enabled) you can now view, download or remove these emails in bulk for one or all accounts.

5) Need to see the top sender or receiver of emails?

Just a press of the ‘Sender/Receiver Table’ button will tabulate the top senders and receivers of email for your domain or for whatever search you used to narrow the data.

6) Need to delegate access to another user’s email account?

In the Email Audit select the Email Delegation button and fill in the two account address – job done!

7) Need to get a daily/weekly/monthly report of emails per user, sent and received?

On the GAT+ homepage select ‘Scheduled Reports’ and from there choose ‘Daily User Email Stats’

Once you select this scheduled report type (from a long list of other choices), you can then choose the exact mail report you want.



8) Need to save on license costs then you need to know which accounts were not used in the last 6 months.

On the GAT+ home page, select ‘Users Audit’ and select ‘Last Login’ between a date range in the last 6 months, then ‘Search Users’.

When the results come back press ‘Negate Filter’ and find every account which did not log in in the last 6 months. You can then export this account list to a spreadsheet and clean up the accounts.


9) Need to easily bulk add or remove users or simply add/remove/change them between groups and OUs?

In the new GAT+ UI, select the Users report. Filter for the set of users you are interested in working with. Export that selection of users, change the spreadsheet as described here. You can add the users to one or more groups or change their group mix completely. When finished with the changes, just import the spreadsheet to perform all the changes at once.

10) Need to be warned when some critical event has happened on your domain?

Simply select ‘Alarms’ on the GAT home page and configure for the alerts you need. Alarms can be configured and saved on a per OU basis.