Create Delegated Auditors within GAT+


This feature is ideal where Admins want to delegate the audit function to local managers or regional security personnel. GAT+ allows anyone to audit any range of users based on the model of Google Groups, Google Classrooms, and Org Units. It does not require passing on Google Admin authority. Selected auditors can be an individual user, group or Org Unit. This allows you to have multiple auditors for a specified scope.


This process is documented in this Youtube video.


To enable audit delegation, go to the GAT+ on the side menu enter the section called Delegated Auditors.

select 'delegated auditors'

Click on ‘Add new auditor’.

Now, set up the delegated auditors and give them a scope.

Now, set up the delegated auditors and give them a scope.

For the above example, I just selected one auditor Anna and give her scope over the Sales team.


Note: Once the delegation is completed, the delegated auditors when they launch GAT+ will be able to run reports and audits similar to a super admin but only for the scope they’ve been given.


You can verify the scope the auditor has by logging into GAT+ as them, you will see exactly what an auditor will see.