Get more G Suite User Audit detail in GAT

expand User audit

While it is essential to have a global audit for Drive, Emails, G+, etc giving you the big picture view for audits in those areas, GAT also recognizes that you need to see the Organizational, Group or User view. The extended ‘Users’ audit now gives you the ability to filter by user status and then see a whole range of important characteristics associated with the selected user(s).

Picking any user, you can see for example their total quota and how much is used, how much by docs and how much by email.

We currently show details in 9 different user usage areas and we are adding data all the time. Each tab is self-explanatory, with the exception of Collaboration index. For this figure, we review completed internal collaboration actions in the previous 7 days. These cover emails replied to (sender and receiver both receive a score), internal shared files read or edited (owner and reader/editor both receive a score) and internal calendar appointments (each internal participant receives a score). The combined figure starts to give a rough measure of internal engagement by each user over the last 7 days.