Getting Alerted When Files are Shared to Gmail

Some of you may know that you can create G Suite accounts with usernames based on your and accounts. Therefore it is possible to share Google Docs to and from these account names. These Google accounts are typically personal accounts therefore many businesses want to track shares to and from these usernames. In this post, we show you how to monitor files that are shared out to the external domain such as,,

Below is an example of how this can be achieved using GAT+:

set alerts in gat

In Drive audit, Click on the “Apply custom filter” button.
Then we select “Sharing Flags contains Shared Out”
Then any changes made after or equal to yesterday – this is used to display files that have been shared out since yesterday.
Then we add a group which has the option “OR” – this allows us to search, all the external domains, for example,,,
This will display files which have been shared out to the domains above, that have been updated in the last day.


After this, we can schedule a report to run everyday after midnight showing all files that have been shared to these personal domains in the last day. This can be scheduled with different time frame if we like. To schedule the report we can simply select “Scheduled” and an extra submenu will be displayed where we can select “Occurrence” and select the recipients.

Then we can click “Apply & Schedule”.

This report will now run everyday after midnight producing a report of updated files that have been shared out to members of these of the selected domains.