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Getting the Most out of GAT

GAT+ is a very powerful tool that can run thousands of reports and take dozens of actions on the Admin and ordinary user’s behalf. One challenge the Admin faces is getting to know all these features and accessing all the information and reports GAT+ can present. Over the years we have addressed specific tasks in dozens of papers on our Community Page. We recommend you join and subscribe to the posts as one of the best ways to stay familiar with our feature and security postings and ‘How To’s’.

This post aims to pull together the most useful of these and give you a set of links to explore each option further.

An Admin from a large domain had a quick set of reports he needed to run in order to get visibility on his domain’s external file sharing. He also needed to set up some alarms. See this post on ‘Useful Reports for first time GAT Admins’ which shows how we achieved this.

Do you need to see a map of all your user’s Drive and Email relationships?

an image of the General Audit Tool's visual map showing the G Suite user's Google Drive and Google Email relationships

GAT+ maps for Drive and Gmail. Click on a node in the map to drill down and see the detail underneath. Read about this example for email on the community page.

GAT+ Email really enhances your audit experience because it allows us to explore the totality of G Suite relationships between your users. This can surface in several ways. Under collaboration scoring in the User’s audit tab or in the incredible relationship mapping of the beta ‘Business Intelligence’ module (requires GAT+ to be running for 2 weeks minimum).

Do you need to see a map of your Google Sites?

An image showing a visual map of the General Audit tools's ability to show the connection between the Google Sites

We’ve prepared a short 4-minute video showing you how to get an alarm if a new site is created. It also shows you how to find specific content type on your site, view your sitemap and lots more.

Do you need to report how your user’s use their time?

image of the General Audit Tool's ability to show what the user's time was spent on

See how to get started with GAT Shield, the incredibly powerful reporting, DLP, abuse detection and edge protection package for Chrome environments.

Do you need to do complex document policy enforcement?

GAT+ Allows Admins to build policy and apply to any vector, be it a user, group or OU, or filetype, folder, folder tree or target domain(s). See 4 use cases of Drive policy enforcement that only GAT+ can do.

Do you need to understand your users Google+ relationships?

image showing how, with the General Audit Tool you can see the Google user's Google+ relationships

Learn how from this community post.

Are Third-Party Apps a cause of security concern?

They should be, see how GAT+ can report, selectively block and alarm on third-party apps with this post. In addition, GAT Shield mentioned above is the only tool that can report and rank browser extensions by a security threat.

Need to recall an internal email? Silently take a copy of a file? Change the ownership of a directory tree?

All of these tasks and more can be accomplished with the GAT Unlock module. This very powerful, lock and key access system securely opens the Google environment to the Admin and Security Officer like no other tool can. Read about GAT Unlock.

This is just a sample set of the highlights of the GAT tool suite. We could also cover areas like live drive and email folder search, incredible user reporting, alarms and much more, but we better leave you with something to discover for yourself.

While our competitors have focused elsewhere, GAT has relentlessly pursued the audit and reporting possibilities of Google Apps, delivering we believe, the best tool in the market.